• OUR EXPERIENCE: Nearly 20 years in the printing industry.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Meet the stringent standards.

  • POSITIVE IMPROVEMENT: Work in full of passion, ready to make challenging orders.

  • CONSULTANCY: Communicate in Vietnamese or English.

  • CONVENIENT LOCATION: Office and printing factory right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What TROPIKA do is to advise and execute high-quality printing products for businesses.


When you need a printed matter for your company, you often have not seeing the actual product at the time to decide to order. Once you have signed the contract, a series of work will be done to produce that products. 


And, in many cases, the product you received is not exactly what you expected. There is usually a gap, sometimes a huge gap, between your expectations and reality.


At TROPIKA, we help you clear that gap.


Firstly, we will discuss and advise with you to clarify your needs. Using intuitive methods, we can help you have clearly visualized about the products, thereby setting the feasible standards of expectations.


From those standards, we build the optimal solution and carry out printing production. We take care of everything we need to make sure you will get the fine products. We will actively update the progress and invite you to participate in checking and approval at the key stages in the production process.


Once you have clearly visualized about the products, understood the method of execution, guaranteed quality and timeliness, you will have peace of mind when working with us.


With nearly 20 years of operation, TROPIKA has experienced and strong professional skills, ready to accompany you in printing projects requiring strict quality.

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